"It's Raining Somewhere Else" Jazz Cover
Original arrangement by: insaneintherainmusic

This is my first jazz cover, and it was a pretty difficult one to make. Keeping my flugelhorn in tune was a challenge, and it was especially hard with the duets with the piano. As you can tell from the video, I'm no piano expert. I primarily play trumpet, but am trying to branch out to other instruments too. I chose this track to do first since I knew I could do it by myself since the parts aren't that difficult. Another reason I chose this song is because the OST is so relaxing to listen to, and so were other people's remixes. It's definetly one of my top 10 Undertale tracks. The other covers I will be doing in the future will feature The Jammers, a group I started, for more variation in music (sax, bass, guitar, etc). I hope you enjoyed listening, and the music will get better as we make more.

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