Its Right In Front of You(Hidden Agenda):Nicholson1968
Nicholson19684 hours ago  Lyrics: [Intro: K-Rino] You don't see it but it's right there in front of you (x3)  [Verse 1: K-Rino] They wanna depopulate the civilians Nowadays they say it's easier to kill than to try to control millions National debt sits in the trillions And there's a plot to steal the birthright of the children of Israel, the real ones Plans to hide every revolutionary's relevance Triggered by the FBI's counter intelligence Leaders killed and jailed unjustly by its director The aggressor J. Edgar Hoover, the racist cross dresser His orchestration of hatred laced investigations The infiltration of civil rights organizations Assassination to character, defamations through media Even today used in deceiving and misleading ya Believe in the war motivated lies they feeding ya Corporate American thieves get greedier and greedier Neo-cons hate the poor, they spent years denouncing 'em The poor built this country but nobody's looking out for them  [Hook: K-Rino] You don't see it but it's right there in front of you (Left side, right side, over you and under you) You don't see it but it's right there in front of you (Right side, left side, over you and under you) You don't see it but it's right there in front of you (Left side, right side, over you and under you) You don't see it but it's right there in front of you (Right side, left side, over behind and under you)  [Verse 2: K-Rino] Propaganda and TV nonsense keep people unconscious Pompous governments keep sponsoring bomb hits Honesty is far gone, the land is a war zone Your family and your children consuming animal hormones Nothing is organic, nearly everything real is gone Fast food places selling great meat with silicone Everyday we pay for it, now the whole nation's sick Addictive and money driven drugs are what the patients get Any natural remedy the FDA sanctions it 'Cause they don't want the cure, they want the money that they make from it The USA's a corporation, wealth is the emphasis Prison industrial complexes, slave businesses Stock market interested, the reason that they build them In advance is cause they know eventually they're gonna fill 'em Orchestrated the system to incarcerate your children And project future inmates based on that to make millions  [Hook]  [Verse 3: K-Rino] The truth was never taught by the enemy and it won't be The real power is always the entity you don't see Subconsciously planted in your head is where he wants to be Thousands of media powers owned by three companies 85 percent of the whole planet in darkness Spend millions on sports teams while the homeless are starving Nobody wants to protest, rally or picket But there's a line around the corner for them concert tickets Soldiers dying everyday, you keep sending them out I wanna send 5000 killers to Zimmerman's house The Rockefeller's and the Bush family in the same box G Henry Ford all of them supported the Nazis Members of the Tea Party still telling black jokes You wearing the clothes but the designer hates black folks Reporters wanna get dirt, sound bites and excerpts CNN must mean Corrupt News Network Lost every dime you had riding with the wrong stock Made in USA is dead, China got it on lock Lost your 401k and every paper you was holding Cause you invested in something somebody else was controlling They make it go up and down, rise high or fall deep The markets manipulated by people on Wall Street Talk about the Middle East like America's errorless University campus and movie theater terrorists True devilish temperament, the government is infamous Ask 'em what they do to Guantanamo Bay prisoners They dominate the airwaves and lie to the listeners Presenting false information intended to condition us The black man's thinking since slavery is the evidence Most don't understand what the Willie Lynch Letter meant Centuries of self hate in divisions of blacks Now they twist the difference between racism and facts We read the Declaration of Independence with blinders There were 9 Freemasons amongst the 56 signers In 1870 along came the Shriners A higher order of masonry with a secret behind them The sword on the logo, it speaks for itself Meaning anyone who tells the secret is put to death Who is Hiram Abiff? What's his true identity? The Devil's agenda be to kill us mentally continually The wolf in sheep's clothing who fabricated divinity The enemy who murders through lies, science and chemistry Trickery and industry for power they forever plot You went to war to fight for a freedom that you never got Dirty chess moves executed by the Hidden Hand Now they're plotting on a way to go to war with Iran Same game used again, same wicked methods born Just like Paul Wolfowitz had done before Desert Storm The government is broke, they can't cater to your needs Planned Parenthood persuading to kill your future seeds The school system misleads, they money hungry savage vultures If you chase degrees you better get you one in agriculture Now it's questions in the music are you in the other mix Why the hell you covering your eyes and throwing up the 6 Did you give your soul away, a price that you cannot afford Did you take from Satan what you could've got from the Lord God is DNA, baffling it might seem His existence is rooted in the number 19 His origin comes from where the mathematics say he's from D the fourth letter, N is fourteen and A is one Who will prevail in the end, the divine or the evil? This war that's going on is for the minds of the people Calamities keep increasing world confusion bound to deepen Nobody can take control of their surroundings if they're sleeping     Show less