It's Rights or Control, it can't be both!!!
Episode 900:  It doesn't matter whether what God given rights your talking about, there are always going to be folks who want to restrict them, or strip them form folks.  It's the old question about control.  Are folks capable of directing their own affairs?  Are folks able to take make good decisions for themselves? 

 To answer the above questions depends on your political point of view.  If you support a socialistic point of view, you tend to look at people as if they are sheep and need guidance every second of their lives!!!  If you have a freedom/liberty point of view, you want to see folks live to what ever potential they see fit to live up to.  Which one do you subscribe to?

 You can't protect freedom and liberty by restricting folks rights.  Folks rights must be protected at all cost, and if they are not then you will soon find that no one can exercise their rights.  Rights may not be absolute, but the protection of the People's rights is absolute!!!  Either we are free to live our lives they way we see fit, or we allow others to control our lives.  There is no in between, you can't have both!!!

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