It's a (soft) start
I was thinking for a long time to launch a Patreon page for Nova Scotia Webcams. Now it's January 2016 and a new year is always a good time to try something new, isn't it? 

Many of our fans asked me in the past if they can donate a small amount to support Nova Scotia Webcams. Patreon is a a good way to facilitate such donations. It is an even better way for me to give something back and to stay in touch with the most loyal fans.

My goal is to keep Nova Scotia Webcams growing and to extend the webcam coverage to regions in Nova Scotia, where it is difficult to find sponsors. Crowdfunding will help me to make this possible. When many people come together something really big can happen.

You're invited to become one of my first Patreons.

Thank you,

Ralf, the Webcam Guy.