It's Sorta my first .... 😉😜
All inquiries of stuff and comments of stuff and stuff please .. I can take critiques well...  I understand it is all from a loving heart that we emerge and I would not be frown faced if you had constructive critz... for me! its families which are hardest on us as they want the best for us! 

u all rock so hard ..

I love you for your courage ! 

with smiles and feeling quite perfectly placed within this Cosmos .. 

I present my FIRST POLL...not my first really . [u see ....well ....I've been know to pole dance here n there, not quite gracefully as I usually end up with some physical trauma or conmucuusion.  I mean concussion ] lmao 😂🤣🙃💫🤑💫😴😴😴

I Would Like To See More Live Stream Performances on Facebook

I Would Like An Entire [Audio] Concert For Downloading

I Would Like To See More Videos On Youtube

I Am Enjoying What I Hear Already & Don't Care What The Bongo Creates, As Long As he Keeps Creating

I Would Like To Have A Live Stream With Questions And Answers for More Personal Involvement With The Bongo

I Would Like To See Live Concerts On Facebook! Although I Would Rather Have A Scheduled Show Event Rather Than A Random Ones.

I know that Frank loves us and is trying to stay organized, and HE HOPES HE'S KEEPING UP WITH HIS END OF THE WHOLE BOOGALOO..


my favorite style of music is jazz/blues [generalization I know Favs are unreal in music]

it is Rock n Roll/Classic Rock

mine is funk or Jam Band

ahhhh no... PUNK is me...

It is Reggae mon ... Irie

no favs... I love it all;

Experi-MENTAL music is coooool

I like NEW music, what ever it is.

im Old School my dang self ..

im a classical fanatic or [at least I know the tune in Apocalypse Now!]

I love you, me, us, we, .. Together [ this is a virtual hug option ]

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