It's Tee Time!

Wow! Is today really the first day of July?

Before I scribble on and bore you further - I want to give a 'shout-out' to my band of loyal Patrons including Certainly Caroline, Angie Scarr and Kat's Illustration and a 'welcome along' to my new patron Sandy Huntress who creates the most wonderful jewelry - you are ALL fabulous - thank YOU!

However, if you had been wondering about where myself and THOSE mice had disappeared to...

I've just been taking some time out to attend to some personal stuff for my family and as well as making plans for merchandising those mice over in Merryworth and creating their own Patreon page - I've also been spring cleaning my social media and publishing the new websites.

And having said 'Adieu' to my cozy studio in May - I've also been nesting with moving models and mice into my new garden studio, dusting down the cobwebs in the shed to store hoarded wood and paints, along with those boxes of supplies which have multiplied at an alarming rate over the last year and gained vacant possession of our unused dining room - RESULT!

Despite the trauma of the move during a weekend heatwave coupled with a distinct lack of sympathy from those reluctant assistants to calm my jittery nerves as we moved models down stairs and across town - it wasn't long before I spotted that one feline was back in the belfry!

And yes, that's the other feline you can just see - perched on my table, looking around and plotting mischief with a basket of bright pink mohair pieces...

Yes, it's been a challenging few months and with the dust finally settling - I decided to treat myself to some new clothes but returned home with this lovely new jigsaw and an assortment of other fabulous tools instead.

But, when I gaze at my ambitious fantastical design board for the months ahead and with the final, FINAL dry-build of 'Nicole's House' now complete - I'd be amazed if those tools will remain this pristine for long!

And if you've any ideas as to the kind of 'Small World' I am planning to create with inspiration from this eclectic collection of images - why not leave a comment and a little gift could soon be finding it's way to YOU!

Now, as I've just heard music to my ears with the sweet sound of a kettle boiling - it must be tea time...

However, before I leave,  I want to Thank YOU again for being my cheerleader and I hope that you will enjoy taking tea with me for some time to come... 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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