It's Time For Change (Thank You)
Dear amazing, amazing MatoFam Patrons... time for some new changes *nervous laugh*

I have been thinking long and hard (giggity) about how I run this Patreon and what it means not only to me, but to the community, you guys, and how it affects me. What am I doing this for? Why do I have a Patreon in the first place? What do supporters want from me?

I couldnt think of one all encompasing perfect answer, but one question I have been asking myself a lot lately helped motivate this change...

"What are my weaknesses?"

And I came to the conclusion that I have MANY. I am TERRIBLE at fulfilling rewardes. And so I regret to inform you that I am removing all tiers above $5 for now as well the Patron VLOG. Life is just hitting hard and until I can treat YouTube as a "job" I, personally, dont think I have the time or right to manage an extensive Patreon. Ive spent a lot of time talking to my Commanders about what I should do and how I should go about this and we have come to the conclusion that, for now, Patreon should be treated more as a platform of charity instead of hardcore incentives. 

Please understand that I have been thinking pretty much the last entire two weeks about the best way to go about this because, as you know, my biggest fear of opening a Patreon was feeling like I was letting yall down or didnt have the right.  Im going to be removing ALL Tiers and just leaving one single Tier. 

This tier is going to be a $5 Tier that will be a combination of Getting your name at the end of my videos as well as the Polaroid and Letter every month. Of course, I would never stop anyone from reaching into their hearts and donating whatever amount they want. I just want people to feel proud of what they are doing and who they are supporting. 

This actually really breaks my heart because gaming with you all was one of my favorite things I have been able to do. It was a huge break from the hectic things going on in my life with my shoulder, legal issues, work and just the general stress of YouTube and, honestly, was extremely therapeutic. 

Im still going to be editing the videos of previous game sessions (they are just taking a LONG time) and im still going to honor ALL August donations, so please dont be worried about that. I just really wanted to make sure everyone was as informed as possible with the changes. 


I completely understand :) I just want you all to have the best experience supporting me as possible, and I want to be able to deliver better. If you have ANY questions or concerns: MESSAGE ME. I am more than happy to talk to you one on one about this or how it affects your amazing charitable support. 

I hope you all like this unified single Tier idea. I have been doing a lot of thinking and realizing that a lot of people support people on Patreon not for the "rewards" but because they simply want to support them. We feel the urge to support someone who means something to us to help them do what they love. 

If we are being honest, I am one of the WORST people I know at keeping up with rewards and the anxiety they bring on this platform. I cant be trusted to stick to dates, schedules... heck... I can barely stick to any reasonable upload schedule. 

Guys, thank you all for being so patient with me. You have no idea how much it means to me to let me fail, get back up and keep trying and have you there the entire time supporting me and urging me to keep going. I have never had that in life and never knew how strong it can make someone. 

I love each and every one of you. Thank you♥♥

- Mato