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This brand-new Day 🕷☀️begins Right here!!, <br>open your Heart🔥💥❤️<br>Make-A-Wish,🎯<br>🌎my Dear! 🦄<br>Pretend that You DO<br> have a Choice...+++💞<br>Use your 🔥Core🍀 and <br>Sing🐧 its Voice⚡️⚡️⚡️!<br><br>The Earth🌎<br> is Singing<br>So do I...<br>Gaya🐵🙈🙉🙊<br>Flock me🐥🐣🐔<br>Together we fly🐝🌾🍄👽
Tier Benefits
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Patrons Only
$1 or more per month
  • CONGRATULATIONS! YOURE GONNA GET GALACTIVATED!! Tune in for (practically*) Daily Galactivations- Messages/ Meditations/Videos to Awaken Your LightBody!!
  • Access to Inspiring, Uplifting, Galactivating Photos
  • My Infinite Appreciation, LOVE , & Gratitude
I AM GALACTIVATED!! I support Visions
$3 or more per month
  • In Addition to the  $1-  Rewards, 
  • My Infinite Love and Gratitude!
  • I'll be sending REIKI Healing LightStreams to You Daily!
  • Plus, You will receive Images and Readings from my GalActivated Visions/ POETRY which I'll be assembling into future books!!
I AM CREATOR! I Love Painting
$7 or more per month
  • In Addition to All Previous Rewards, 
  • and my Infinite Love and Gratitude
  • You will be included in my Artistic Creation Process-
  • Behind the scenes inside peek into Christa's Creations- 
  • with painting tutorial tips, Fairy cooking lessons, Music Creation tips...
$11 or more per month
  • Thank You!!! infinite Gratitude! You are helping me create Music!
  • In Addition to ALL the Prior Gifts, You'll receive
  • Monthly patron-only livestream Galactivation with community
  • Preview of my Musical Creations!
I Print Art!
$22 or more per month
  • All Prior Rewards, Plus
  • A monthly exclusive Light Tribe Nation Graphic Art print
  • (mailed to you monthly)
  • My Infinite Love and Gratitude!
Hey Fairy~ I Publish Books!
$55 or more per month
  • Upon signing up you will receive the 'Hey Fairy Coloring Book' as a welcome gift! (Or, a copy of my Latest Book)
  • Access to exclusive discounts on future books, collections and art.
  • All previous rewards!
  • My Infinite Love and Gratitude
I'm AM Light Tribe Nation! 1-on-1 with Christa
$111 or more per month
  • Experience a live 1-on-1 Galactivation with Christa in her home in Long Beach, CA (you will be invited for a 1 night stay in Christa's home. (3 month minimum committment)
  • My Infinite Love and Gratitude
  • All previous rewards!
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