It's time to make history, guys.
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If you go to the profile page of my Patreon, you'll see a new intro video, and I suggest you give it a little watch. I'm going to be updating the description page underdeath it too, but I wanted to give you guys a more personal explanation first. The video explains what's going on with Samhain closing and with my new insane release schedule, and gives you a very brief intro to the new pledge levels.

The pledge levels have radically changed. When you first look at them without watching the video or reading much of this, you're going to think I'm insane. I also had to change the $50 level, which really broke my heart, but more on that in a second. Here's the situation. This is kind of the same thing as the video, I guess, but in prose form.

  • Samhain and Wilde City have both closed their doors. Samahin is still open until the end of the month, but I think Wilde City books have already come down. That's 17 of my books which will be out of print as of March 1. That's 17 income streams about to vanish.
  • To get real and do the thing nobody does: my publisher supported backlist to this day has provided me with anywhere between $2500-5000 a month in the last six months. That is obviously about to drop way down since my publisher is now limited to Riptide. To make matters worse, Samhain intends to withhold royalties as they "wrap up" so I'm not getting another paycheck for a while. You and what I make on my own are it.
  • They have just royally screwed my release date for Shelter the Sea because I can't release it until Carry the Ocean is back out, and I can't do that until I get the rights, which is whenever they get them to me in March or whenever that happens. I've asked for it to happen faster and cited their selling me audio rights which were about to revert to me anyway, but, who knows what's going to happen. So I can't create new income streams until I get those rights.
  • I do have a nice nest egg saved, so I'm not dying. I do not need a GoFundMe. I wil still be buying Yuri On Ice BluRays from Japan so let that be a barometer of my level of starvation which is that I am not.
  • I did the math on how much it's going to cost me to produce the four books I already had planned, rerelease the books I just got back, do the audio for the books Samhain didn't do audio for, and reedit things that need new editing, new covers, all the formatting, etc, and the grand total is $40,000. I know that sounds insane, but self publishing isn't for the weak, and with the new books, the three free novellas I'm just going to fold into the insanity salad because why not, that's the bill. 
  • I do not have to pay 40k tomorrow. This is over the span of a year, and most of my contractors love me as much as I love them and will work with me, so this is all an okay thing. But so you know, this is why the pledge levels have changed.
  • Also pledge levels have changed because the schedule is so full that there are months you might be getting five books including five paperbacks. Mailed to you even in Australia, man. I mean it. We're crazy in love in this Patreon.

The bottom line is this time next year, I'll have fantastic creative control of my work, and that means so will you. As my patron, you have direct access to me, and I take care of my patrons. The new books will be very cleanly formatted, and if you really love one of these books and are dying to have your name in the front matter, you can splurge for that pledge level that month and get your name there and enjoy that for life. Or you can simply support at a level you can afford and know you're part of what's supporting me, making this happen. 

It also means, as I say in the video, that if you're worried about your books going away, I will take care of you as a patron. You'll get everything faster, and if they ever vanish, you ask us and we make them reappear. We're your publisher, and we have your back. In fact, you're kind of my publisher now. And I like it that way.

I'm going to post the tentative schedule of release--some of it is firm, but a lot of it is squishy because it depends on how things roll. You can ask me any questions you want. And remember, you can always switch your pledge level around. ALWAYS. You can jump up for a month then come back down.

Talk to me, ask me your questions, tell me your dreams. This is gonna be a ride, and I'm so psyched you're here with me. We're here to make history, and I'm not gonna be ice skating, but you're gonna be my coach, Victor. Let's do this.