It's time to sum up. Finally IQ demo-version got icon!

Hello, friends!

To be honest, today it wasn't the easiest day. Suffice it to say that I've started to count the voices of the poll three times, and each time got different results. Normally, I do not tend to it. :)

But I gathered my strength. And that's what we got:

Variant 1 (the most obvious, in my opinion) got 15 votes. Wow.

Variant 2 (which I liked the most. Hey, it's Iris, how it was possible not to vote for her :'( ) collected surprisingly only 12 votes.

Variants 3 and 4 (good variants, yes) in the sum scored 19 votes. Moreover, variant 4 itself - 15. As a result, 4th is the clear winner.

P.S. And now not time to rest yet. So I went back to the work with the combat system - urgently needs to add some tricks and use a new DAHR's art. See you later.