It's time to Tell Me A Story
Storytelling in long form is a dying medium. When our narrative is running – sprinting, really – toward less than 140 characters a story, spending time in conversation feels weird, quaint, and a bit antediluvian. I have no aspirations of Twain, Poe, or, hell, even Grisham; but I think everyone has a story or twelve to share with the world and I’m going to find a way to make it entertaining to tell them – out loud – to the world. Tell Me a Story is simple. I call someone; they pick a theme and tell their story. I then have to share a story of my own using the guest’s theme. If no one answers the phone, which happens a lot, I will, time allowing, pull from the dusty archives of my filing cabinet, some silly thing I've written - from Jr. High to last week, no matter how embarrassing.