It's Update Friday! Part 1
It's Update Friday and you know what that means, a healthy progress update! Scripting is coming along very well along with the overall outline of the story! As of right now the outline sits at 10 Chronica issues but this is subject to grow depending on how much content is created for this project. I also have an outline for a one shot back story for the character introduced on page 38 of Chronica Volume 1, but that is a little bit down the road currently. In addition to the scripting and outlining, character re-design updates will be rolling in these coming weeks! I'll make sure to post the before and beautiful afters for each one as well. I plan to give every character a nice and fresh updated look along with a new color palette for each, with each color palette I aim to mimic that characters personality a bit. Today Patrons will also be getting the Full Script to Chonica Volume 1 as well as a lot of Volume 2! Also I bet you noticed the picture above, that is just a progress shot of the new  desktop wallpaper, the wallpaper currently is much farther along and almost finished but I just wanted to give a nice little sneak peek to everyone!  Lastly, I would like to add a big Thank You! to all my followers and an especially large THANK YOU! to all my Patrons! Stick around and I'll make sure to keep the content coming for everyone!