I've Added Rewards
I'm experimenting with Patreon features. The first tier is what everyone gets; early access. I'll keep doing that for all patreons for now, but I might not forever since it might clog up the feed of someone who wants to opt for no reward to keep their feed free of things that get published elsewhere. So if you definitely want early access, go change your pledge from your amount to your amount plus the first tier ($1) reward. 

The second tier ($5) is meant to motivate me to keep up on my photojournalism and photoessays. I haven't had an outlet for that part of my work for a while, so this is a way I can give you something and keep myself working on photographic expression. If you give $5 or more you can go change your pledge and opt in to this tier, if you like. I don't have a place to publish this work publicly yet, but I'll be thinking about that as I go along.

Yes, my tiers are named for food service. Yes, I'm obsessed with food and drink. Seemed like fun.