I've been putting off saying this...

...for a while now. Partially because I'm still adjusting to the idea. But also because I haven't been sure just how to say it. The last few months of limited drawing have had an interesting effect on my arm. While I still have grip issues and weakness in the hand, I'm no longer in constant pain. The doctor I see for adjustments every other week has seen an improvement as well. So much to the point where he's told me to limit my drawing, stopping all together for up to six months if possible. The goal... to see if the nerves will continue to strengthen and heal as much as they can. 

Note I didn't say heal completely. While there's a chance improvement will continue, there is permanent damage that I will never fully recover from. I will always have flareups. I've been told the severity of these will only increase as I grow older. Considering the pain from flareups so far has been at nearly crippling levels at times, I'm willing to grab at a chance of minimizing these.

Which means one main thing... there will be no more comics. I apologize if this upsets you, but I hope you understand. I just can't do this anymore, not in this format. 

That being said, I'm not interested in letting the series die. I never went to college for art, but I did for English literature, library science, and fiction writing. The university I attended is home to the Iowa Writers' Workshop, one of the top writing programs in the States... and a program I took numerous classes through in graduate school. I'd like to think that your interest in the comic was due to my skills at drafting a story and characters more than 'hey, look at the pretty art of talking mice and dogs.' 

If it was, then you might be happy with the direction I plan on taking. Just as it was time for me to return to librarianship to save myself from the metal anguish of not being able to reliably pay my bills each month, perhaps it is time to return to my roots and write the series as prose. 

It won't be easy. I'm rusty and currently buried in program planning at work. (I'll be spending this Saturday dressed as Batgirl for instance. I'll explain more about that later.)  Writing prose is different from writing for a comic. The change will take a little getting used to. I also want to add some cut parts back in, tighten up areas of the plot, and take the time to weave all the various bits together into a smooth, cohesive whole. 

I do not plan on sharing the work in progress. I'd like to be able to work without folks second guessing everything I do and poking away at the fledgling work for their amusement. Once the story's gone through a few drafts and edits, I'll begin sharing it. This is something I need to do in order to concentrate.

In the meantime, I'll be continuing with the library life and occasionally sharing that life with you all. Most weeks things will be quiet due to nothing really standing out at work. Other times I'll have an interesting event to share. 

So, to recap... I've been advised to draw as little as possible. Due to the pain of the nerve damage and my work schedule, I'm willing to go along with this. The end result, no more comic. Instead, I'll be working on converting the story to a series of novels. I'm still a librarian who's finding herself creating programing and doing cosplay for said programs. And... that's how things stand right now. 

If you'd still like to support me here on Patreon I'd appreciate it. If you decide that you'd rather move on, I understand. 

Either way, thank you for joining me on this ride so far. ❤️

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