I've been riding a lot 990 miles this month so far
Since June 13th I've been able to really work on my cycling training with 829 miles on Zwift since that day, and I still ride tonight; probably another 100 mile ride on stream. This time to train has been exactly what I've needed, turn on the tunes with less distractions and give my all; loving it.

Now with all the riding and trying to rest in between it's gotten me a little behind on Podcast but not to worry I'll get a new one out very soon, I've been trying to tweak the schedule to best fit since I'm live streaming on Twitch 30+ hours a week now and 99% of that time is on the bike pedaling.

We've also been working on the wordpress site which is the Official website for us outside of Patreon, we've found that space between both sites can become an issue as time goes by so we're working on the wordpress site to be where everything but Patreon stuff goes.

The heat and flies killed our garden so we're preparing to get it started back over from scratch the moment we have the spare time, and last but not least Twitch and Riding my Bike has become my full time job.

I'm working on doing some huge bike rides, extreme long distances and big climbing rides; details the moment we have them also we're narrowing down when I will ride my bike across Arizona and All Patrons names will be on the Ride Page as supporters along with videos, pictures, tracking and more; info soon.

Hope everyone is having an awesome week, dont forget we have stream again tonight, hugs and loves. 

Oh and before I forget, I accomplished 400+ miles in a single week and now have a schedule to do more than that every week, also in 10 more miles in which I'll certainly get in tonight's stream I'll have reached 1000 miles in a single month. Woot!