I've been writing and healing and writing
but many of the poems are too unfinished and personal to share. I will continue to work on them, but in the meantime, here is one that comes around from pain to hope:

My Name is Courage

Because you are not here

and left without saying goodbye;

because the moon is the blood red

half-circle your teeth raised on my skin;

because you left the night grief-stricken,

empty of even the faintest stars;

because your words were obfuscations

designed to reveal my softness, but never your own;

because you promised to take care

but instead took what was not yours;

because everything you said was held together with love

was only a slip-knot, made so you could get away;

because you shattered every last thing,

and insisted it was you that was breaking;

because you offered safety that was never safe,

the unicorns long dead and rotting;

because chain mail protects nothing

when the disease is already inside;

because when you faked death by poison

I did not fall upon my knife; I am still here, 

not unscathed, but unsacrificed;

because you have been exposed as Betrayal,

I have also been revealed:

my name is Courage

and I will not be forsaken.