i've got a society6 page now!

what's up y'all?

i'm gonna have some pretty cool Patreon-exclusive news for you soon, but for now, i just wanted to drop by and let you guys now that i just opened up a society6 page in order to begin selling custom clothing designs!

consider taking a look if you've ever been interested in picking up a TRON MAXIMUM t-shirt, or any other cool articles of clothing!

if you're a high tier Patron, i may consider making free merch as part of the rotation of supporter gifts that i'll be sending out! it's looking like sometime around January or so, i should be able to start sending out physical rewards regularly, so if you're a higher-up Patron and you'd like to start receiving stuff, message me with your mailing details and i'll get you hooked up!

(it may be wise to do it off-site since security at Patreon has been questionable lately -- feel free to e-mail me at hello (at) tronmaximum (dot) net with your name and how much you're backing!)

that's all for now! looking forward to another month of productivity, and hopefully will be showing off some brand new stuff soon.