I've made it to Vegas!
Hello Patrons and (hopefully) future patrons!

I wanted to post a quick update that I have made it to Vegas! I had a great trip out and took LOTS of photos and polaroids. It was a wonderful time that I was able to share with my Mother. We drove from Maine to New York, New York to Illinois, Illinois to Colorado, Colorado to Utah, and Utah to Nevada! In total we drove through 15 states!

I'm so excited to share with you all of the footage and photos. As always Patrons will be able to see all of the content first, and you'll receive behind the scenes looks, b-roll, and more! :)

I start my full time job tomorrow 8/16. Because of this posts will be slow for a short while. I need to get settled and get my computer up before I can do anything in terms of editing!

Only a couple more patrons needed before I'm able to afford the whole Adobe Suite for content making! Please share this page with your friends and family if you enjoy the content! :)