I've not forgot about you guys!
Hey sorry for not updating this page in a while, been crazy busy with work, life stuff and Ombi.

So here's an update for you crazy people.

Recently I've been working a lot in the backend of Ombi trying to get things as stable and accurate as possible and I think it's coming along nicely, I am aware there are still issues but I can't fix them all at once!

Bulk user management is now present, so you are able to edit roles and any limits you have on users all at once.

And outside of the main Ombi website, I am working on native iOS and Android clients that plug into your Ombi website. This has been a long wanted feature to have a native mobile app. This will always be optional as I will continue to support mobile's on the website, so don't worry!

Anyway, thanks once again for your ongoing support! 

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