I've played a role on both sides now
I consider my time spent roleplaying in tabletop games to be important to my roleplay abilities online, as well. Seriously, this stuff sort of cuts both ways. So this week's article is all about using your time online to enhance your experience when you go offline, if you're doing both or if you just go from primarily one to primarily the other. That's part of the fun, after all. You can wind up doing different things. There are a great many times when I really wish that I had a better group in the area to do tabletop stuff with, but part of me also feels that the era of tabletop roleplaying is kind of slipping away. I don't mean that in the sense that it's unimportant, because it really is, but the industry just seems to have more and more trouble keeping people interested. Much like comic books, there's a certain point when people aren't as interested in jumping in if they're not already invested, and the result is a lot of marketing at the core. Not to mention there's a lot of competition that allows you to get the same rush without requiring a whole lot of setup beforehand. A bad thing? In part, but the march of technology is a thing and that's just the way it goes. I may just be sat because for a time it really looked as if tabletop gaming would become a full-fledged thing, and the board games certainly have. But pen-and-paper roleplaying seems to have fallen more by the wayside. Better luck in the next reality.
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