I've recently started developing MocuMocuVRM.

I've developed a VR app. This name is MocuMocuDance. It's a MMD model viewer in VR space.

I've forked new VR app MocuMocuVRM from MocuMocuDance. 

This app not supported PMX file format. But, It supported VRM file format instead.

VRM is a new 3D model file format since 2018. VRM and MMD are similar. However, VRM is an open format. It doesn't forbid commercial use. Also, VRM has permission infomations.

I'm planning to sell MocuMocuVRM on Steam.

I would be grateful if you could donate me.


#VRM file download site

VRoid Hub (Japanese site) 

Niconi Solid (Japanese site)