I've returned!
I've been stressed to no end, but I've finally gotten around to finishing things up.

The Edge of the World Arc for The Dragon of the Abyss has finally seen some rework, a near-complete final draft.

I've compiled the first three chapters into one document, the first two having some rework done and the third chapter being totally new. (A new direction.)

I'm sorry for the long wait, but I hope you enjoy what I've managed so far! 

(This will be available for all. For individual chapters as they are released, 1$ pledge will let you read them beforehand. Thank you!)

Note: For the file to be read properly, please use Apache OpenOffice. Some of the edits aren't friendly with other programs, so please, use OpenOffice for the meantime. It is free and a great alternative if you're short on money. Apologies!