Izagar's Patreon FAQ
Last Updated: 10/03/16

Patreon is a subscription based website that helps empower artists, writers, video makers, and other people to do what they like to do. By contributing to my Patreon, you will get exclusive art that you cannot get anywhere else, while also getting goodies at the end of each pay cycle (the beginning of each month).


.:[ How it works ]:.


- You pledge whatever amount of money you can afford each month to help me pay for things, like food, water, clothing, and eventually help me make a living and be on my own.

- Depending on the amount you donate, you will see different things. You can see what things you will get on the main page of my Patreon at the very bottom. Please read each tier correctly.

- You will be charged at the end of each month. After I have received your payment, I will send you an email that contains a .zip file with the artworks, step-by-steps, etc. Videos will be released publicly on Youtube AFTER sometime after the fifth after all payments have been received. Please note that video tutorials are currently locked.

- You will only receive rewards for the months you have pledged and have successfully been charged for. If you pull your support before the end of the month and before you are charged, you will not receive the items for that month. If you continue to do this, I shall report your account to Patreon for possible suspension.

- If you cancel your pledges after you are charged and before receiving an email from me, you will not be able to get rewards.

- I have a list of patrons on my panel and if you cancel your pledge immediately after being charged, I will not see your account and email associated with that account on my list. In short, you will be out of luck. Sorry.

- If you would like an earlier month's reward, you can buy the rewards at a higher cost off my gumroad account.


.:[ FAQ ]:.


Q: I didn't get my rewards!

A: This is more common than you think. Please check the following things:

  • PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK FOLDER! Email providers tend to send emails from my web server straight to junk for unknown reasons.
  • Have you been properly charged for this month? Check your Paypal if you have been charged.
  • If you have been charged, please send an email at my contact page.
  • Pledge again (will not be charged again) and let me check your funds and check that I have indeed sent you your rewards.

Q: What are Patreon Exclusives?

A: Patreon Exclusives are as their name implies: exclusive works found on Patreon and nowhere else. For a time these pieces of works will be posted on Patreon behind a paywall and will be accessible to anyone who donates $1 or a month to my Patreon. After a set time, or whenever I feel like it, I will post these works for free elsewhere on my social media handles and sell them as merchandise too. But you, my patrons, both present and future ones, will get to see these works in advance and also get the perks with each reward tier, none of which anyone outside Patreon will get (aside from those on Gumroad)!

(More FAQs will be added when needed).

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