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Izman, sylph swashbuckler 10
Sometimes you need an attractive and exotic looking man at your elbow to fend off unwanted attention. Izman is more than happy to help.

Hiring himself out to old and young noblewomen and courtiers alike, Izman performs adequately as a conversationalist at society events. Given that has no romantic or sexual interest in his employers, it's a wonder that he gets hired at all—except for the fact that he's a quick-acting bodyguard that has saved lives numerous times.

But that was in another country entirely. Now he's in exile in the City, cast out of his home country for a scandal that he insists is entirely not his fault (and untrue to boot). At this point, Izman hopes to ingratiate himself with the locals, and keep himself well-stocked in silken doublets and scarves.

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