I felt like doing another scribble for inktober! For those who are interested here's my list:

1. Autumn
2. Owl
3. Jack-O-Lantern
4. Sweet tooth
5. Costume
6. Scarecrow
7. Broomstick
8. Frog
9. Resurrect
10. Lantern
11. Fear
12. Coffin
13. Alien
14. Nightfall
15. Spirit
16. Superstition
17. Cemetery
18. Haunted
19. Potion
20. Slime
21. Fangs
22. Voodoo
23. Skeleton
24. Body horror
25. Nightmare
26. Possession
27. Monster
28. Howl
29. Full moon
30. Blood
31. Party

I'll be posting these on my social media as well! 🦇 happy spooks!
Tier Benefits
Tier 1
$1 or more per month

❀ Patreon only feed

❀ WIPS and sketches

❀ First glimpses of cosplay progress

❀ Patreon-only polls

Tier 2
$5 or more per month

Everything from Tier 1

❀ Completed cosplay & art before anyone else

❀ Progress GIFs

❀ Early access to speed paint videos

❀ Secret-not-so-often-weeb-selfies

❀ High rez image (will attach the jpeg to the finished post!)

Tier 3
$15 or more per month

Everything from Tier 1 & 2 

❀ A glossy print only, of 1 piece of art I have produced

❀ A little thank you note included in the package.

❀ NSFW art

❀ Any newcomers (or re- pledges) from now on will also receive the last month's print / print of their choosing ❀

Tier 4
$25 or more per month
Ultimate Tier !!

This is a push for myself to create even more art related things for you guys. I want to be able to create a lot more content within a month and really start prioritizing my artwork over anything else. 

This is what you'll get with this Tier :-

❀ x1 Monthly art print

❀ x1 One of a kind thank you card!

❀ NEW Stickers! These may change over time, lets reach those goals!

Monthly polls will be held on my patreon /ONLY/ for the extra special gifts! I will also be posting quite early on what I will be producing whether it be stickers, bookmarks or etc.

This Tier is designed to be switched on and off from other tiers, whether you do actually fancy the extra gifts one month to the next. 

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