Jades human form
Will color... eventually... *like I say with all my sketches for Gemahoura, with some waiting forever on the list*

She usually stays in this form for the most part, until she started living on Geothin, the planet of the Foxbeast, then she reverted for the most part to her alien/animal form. Her facial tattoo was given to her by the Fallen, but her arm marking she was born with, the symbol of eternity. *it is visible in the foxbeast form I just didn't put it on there, will put in the final* She is rather quiet, but she is a leader, and has a strong will. She's much kinder and happier when she does speak though, or at least when she's not being serious. She keeps her jacket on for the most part, even when she is fighting, specially around Ventropholluns, having been bitten once was enough for her.

foxbeast form: https://www.patreon.com/posts/jades-foxbeast-3094161