Jaedyn James and The Hunger: RAW
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Comments have been disabled on YouTube, because... YouTube. Yet here on Patreon you can have your say! For as little as a Buck a Month you can call me a Lib-tard Snowflake Cuck or share your appreciation and support our Strange Art Beasts of PINCOMBO.COM and CultOfTheMonth.com and so many more in the Sintire and Way of Lo-Fi systems.

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I will say your name aloud, on Camera, blessed by the voice of, me, the Hyperpope himself the Right Reverend [REDACTED] Ryan Richards. Know that whatever you pledge to me will be put to maximum utility through the Way of Lo-Fi. That the Justified Ancients of Mu-Mu will be able to restore the Million Pounds Burnt. That the Bionic Pinball Millionaire through the power of PINCOMBO will bring along a new Renaissance of the Pinball Arts. Know that you helped the creation of Elvis Canaveral: Supercollider the Greatest Crossover The Omniverse's ever knows and feels. Illuminated Classics and ShudderBooks education and entertainment systems that deliver Illumination upon request. Take a hand in limiting the damage that the Texas School Board can do by eliminating the Text Book Racket. Tithe to your favorite Cult of the Month! Know that all of our cults and hand created using the freshest combinations of concepts and models affording you a self made model of existence. Quantum Psychiana, Harpo Marxism, Deviant Otherworldly Temple Contrairiants Of Mercury (DOTCOM), WabiSabiDoEZ, The 23rd Church of Pinbot The Redeemer, Ÿ, As Above So Bolo, The Way of Lo-Fi, The Justified Ancients of Mu-Mu (JAMMs),  The Fraternity of Mad Science and the Sorrority of Dissapointed Scientists, Sintire, Tokenism and PROANOIA!? The Guns and Dope Party, Can Can Do and More!? The art stylings of the art collective Gemmandada, or the music collaborations of the band Former Teenage Heartthrobs. Podcasts such as RetroFutureActive, and my attempt to be the Crossover on infinite Earths through the power of Supercollider, directed through the Way of Lo-Fi, coming to Resolution. It’s a Limited Quantity and of Questionable Quality!

Plus you can comment on OffHours360 videos that I take with my ELIJAH units. Comments are disabled on Youtube, but if you are a Patreon Patron you can Have Your Say.

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Learn more about how I play and how I Record @OffHours360 as well as extended ELIJAH unit work.
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You will be given the magic word, that when said allowed will have an Elvis or Elvira Canaveral appear in your head and grant you some of the powers of SUPERCOLLIDER!?
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Join me for a monthly livestream, I'll be playing Pinball or making up a new Cult of the Month (the largest religions in the Omniverses).
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As a patron, you'll be recognized for making my work possible as I will make a random short video clip out of an image and 23 characters or less and your twitter handle.
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I'll send you a joke - your very own.
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Join us for an episode of Inquisition!?
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