Jake & Leon #259: The Last Jailbreak
For those of you reading this on Patreon, this is the conclusion to a story I started some time ago, when Stephanie Brown was kicked out of the New 52. Other "replacement" heroes taken out were Wally West's Flash (despite having a strong fan base), Connor Hawke (they did a number on him even before the New 52 to ensure Oliver Queen would be the only Green Arrow), and Cassandra Cain (the second Batgirl after Barbara Gordon retired to become a senator, was shot and paralyzed in what was intended to be out of continuity until someone at DC made it canon, and found a new calling as Oracle, who used the information age to the advantage of the Bat Family and Justice League). Slowly the characters were pulled out as the New 52/DC You pulled them back and altered what made them work for DC fans to keep their characters...and then alter THEM to something unrecognizable. 

Stephanie Brown took forever to finally bring her back as Spoiler after her announcement but I kept her in the costume I started the arc in because it was originally a commentary about her treatment, tossing her aside (and in the fictional prison) in favor of restoring Barbara. They wouldn't let any appearance of Stephanie be used. It had to be Barbara. At least Steph got to be Batgirl outside of the comics, at least intentionally. She would have been Batgirl in Young Justice but it went to, of course, Barbara. Cassandra Cain has NEVER been Batgirl except in the comics. I wrote about that once, and blamed the TV creators who only wanted the Batgirl they knew (played by the recently deceased Yvonne Craig) and the same with Robin only or first being Dick Grayson. Over time, as DC announced the characters I had drawn as her cellmates coming back, they escaped from the cell. Now, with Cassandra allegedly making a return according to an announcement while I was out sick, I finally get to clean out the prison. So I blew it up. Arc over.