James Hardie Siding – The World Leader
 It’s been 130 years and this Australian company still leads the world of  fiber based cement products. Yes, the talk is about James Hardie Inc.  Company. It was founded in the year 1888 in Melbourne and at present,  James Hardie Siding has advanced so much that its plants are located all  over in United States, New Zealand, Philippines and Australia.

The widest range of products made from Fiber Cement

With  around 130 years of experience in dealing with fiber cement, Hardie  offers a wide range of products such as bug, flame, mold, and many more  impact ful products for the construction of house.These products of  fiber cement include trim, flashing, soft fit and siding. Amongst these  products, the siding made by them is most popular and is highly in  demand by building contractors all over the world.

Proprietary Formula

The  products from James Hardie siding are prepared with a proprietary  formula. The ingredients include wood fiber, Portland cement, sand and  water. The proprietary formula provides extra durability which makes the  products last longer. James Hardie products when applied in a right  manner provides homeowners an extraordinary protection in case of any  natural disaster like hurricanes, hail and fire. These products are so  powerful that they can withstand extreme winds up to 150 mph, they are  resistant to Class V flood, and are capable to withstand both small and  large impacts of missile.

Largest manufacturer in North America

Although  James Hardie Inc. is based in Australia, but at present it is North  America’s largest fiber cement manufacturer. So, you can see the James  Hardie siding throughout United States including the areas of Atlantic  Coast and Gulf of Mexico which were earlier battered by storm. You can  even see the siding by James Hardie in fire prone valleys and mountains  of California. Since, the government continuously implement strict  restrictions on housing developers, more and more home builders are  moving towards Siding Raleigh to get siding products which are high in  performance and of superior quality.

Why products made from fiber cement

The  fiber cement products have become the first choice of people all over  the world because they are bug proof, they never crack or write. These  products provide a much efficient covering around whole house and saves a  lot of energy for homeowners and products made from fiber cement  eliminates or reduces the cost incurred in painting. There are some  areas in country where the houses having James Hardie Inc.’s siding  products have to pay less homeowner’s insurance premium. You will find  that there are different siding products available from this company and  they can easily be found named as Hardie plank Siding. (Home_improvement)


If you are going to live in your own home or are planning to make certain changes, you should not miss considering James Hardie Siding.  They are now available for homeowners and further details can be gained  by visit carolinaexteriorsplus. Carolina exteriors are the most  preferred providers of Hardie Trim and Hardie Plank siding in Raleigh  area.

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