Jamie, Daniel, and Thomas
In the center is Jamie. The tall blonde is Daniel. The brunette is Thomas.

These three are absolute besties and have been together since they were wee. One day, after "borrowing" some fruits and veggies, they ran onto a pirate ship to hide from the police. Little did they know that the ship they hid on belonged to Captain O'Malley, the most feared pirate of the seas terrorizing the Touloy nation.

So, the trio joined the pirates! They sailed with the crew until one day, they raided a Vikarian trade ship, and during the raid, Jamie finds a map - an unfinished map of the nation of Corith.

Jamie, Thomas, and Daniel take one look at the map and decide - let's go treasure hunting in Corith!

This is how The Legend of Jamie Roberts starts.

With your support on Patreon, we can bring The Legend of Jamie Roberts to life!

Patrons who are pledging now have helped bring the script-writing process to the finish line. The next step after this is to sketch out pages, and then make them to post online.

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Thank you for reading!

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