Hi there!! My name is Jamie Paige. I make music sometimes, and I’ll make you music for money?

If you’ve never listened to my music before, I have a Bandcamp and a Soundcloud . Most of the music on these two sites is electronic poppy stuff, since that’s what I do for myself, but I have a much more diverse and expansive portfolio available upon request (I’ve got a lot of really visual novel-y things and more complex chamber pieces in it, so if you’re interested in !video game music! you’d maybe like to take a listen!)

Here’s a rundown on PRICES:

$25 - JINGLE

A simple, 30 second or shorter piece, suitable for an intro to a podcast or Youtube series, or possibly a ringtone or music for an advertisement if so desired!


A short piece of music, less than 1:30 in length, of anything you’d desire! This tier is nice if you want a looping piece of background music for a game or video, or an extravagant but thoughtful present for a friend?


The big one!! A full song, up to 4:00 in length, of anything you’d like!! Whether it be a tie-in song for whatever piece of media you’ve created, a more complicated and substantial song to score a film/video game, or just a song that you really want to hear; this is it!!


I’ll mix and master your track, or write lyrics for your song, or assist with production, or help you out with the songwriting process for $50!! If you’re also a musician desiring any of my ~technical talents~ this is a good place to be.


I will literally make you a 5 second long song and it can be anything in the universe that you desire, as long as it’s 5 seconds long. It’s a steal!

(For any more creative collaborations, or for multiple songs/longer works, get in touch with me and we can work something out on a case-by-case basis :3)


I am more than willing to work in almost any music style you can throw at me!! I write a mean lounge track, and I’ve done one too many corny MIDI thrash metal tracks in my day.

There’s a very important caveat here, though; I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO NOT ACCEPT A COMMISSION BASED ON THE GENRE. I’m not really comfortable with my ability in things like orchestral music and such, so this is mostly for things that I KNOW I can’t do. Honestly, if you give me a silly genre to try and work in, I will probably still *try* to do it :3


The best way to get in touch is through Twitter DMs, but if you’re not fond of their interface, my email address is [email protected]. Shoot me some mail sometime!!

On a final note, if you don’t have the money to commission me but still want to support me, you can check out my Bandcamp and maybe consider purchasing one of my releases on there. If it’s to your tastes, I hope you’d consider supporting me!!

Thanks, y’all!! Have a good day!

-Jamie Paige