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Jamual's Dance
" He was snapped out of his analytical daze by the sound of sandals tapping across a thin hollow board, and a loving voice humming a small tune. He turned his head and watched, in slight awe, as Jamual danced around the small room, hardly bigger than a medium sized bedroom. His sandals made a small clacking noise as he spun around in circles, his hair encircling his frame as he used his thin dark red silk scarf as a type of ribbon, twisting it around his hands and snapping it through the air to make effects that Fate never dreamed possible. Jamual hummed, and even sang a bit of a small song. It was a song that Fate had heard Jamual sing with Illumi before, only instead of loud and proud with a fast tune, Jamual was singing it softly and slowly, seeming almost sorrowful. Perhaps, Jamual is singing this because he misses his best friend and to remind himself of home, or maybe just because it’s a song that Jamual likes to sing. Either way, it was enchanting."
-One of the several paragraphs that takes place in chapter 4 of Rescue Us

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