Jan. 16, 2017 (Late)
Late because I had some personal things to attend to. Hope you enjoy the artwork in it. My dog died. Too cold up here.

In other news, I now have a plan to upload a few things each week. A few song ideas, some voice memos, and I have a plan to upload videos too. This year is going to be the most productive to me and I plan on not being too lazy, or too cynical. I cant be what I want, but I can be what I'm not. Strangers is coming along nicely. They'll be uploaded after I upload this.

Enjoy. While I want to make more money, you can keep your pledge at the amount you're comfortable with. I'm sorry for asking for more. I should know better to not be so selfish.

Anyways, expect more from me this year than last year. Happy and thankful you're supporting me Gabe. Public because this is half of the things I'm uploading.