🍵💫Jan. News & Announcements!💫🍵
Hope everyone had a good holiday season and a great/safe new year!💜Thank you for sticking with me through 2017!🐧The theme for Jan. is...chibi WoW Allied Races (prob in winter outfits hehe)!🐧 

Each month a patron from the $5 tier gets randomly selected to get a freebie chibi or critter simple sketch!🍵This month...THALEE gets the sketch!🐧 Congrats! Please contact me via social media or email [email protected] with refs and a description of what you'd like me to draw for you! 


  • On Fri I will be doing a sketch/doodle stream for coffees!Right now I have a special on Ko-Fi! 1 ☕️ = a pen sketch, the more coffees the more detail/sparkle! I've got some goofy prompts so far and I'm looking forward to it haha. 
  • I have also edited my Patreon milestone goals so that every $100 milestone means a 🌼new big vinyl sticker in the mail🌼 for all $3+ patrons. This means less variety in goals, but also means fun stickers for every goal (and goal rewards are more manageable for me and less variable cost wise)...and MOAR STICKER DESIGNS that you guys will vote on! 💙
  • I am excited to start 2018! We already have a 🌟Kadoodles Art Challenge🌟 poll going for all $3+ patrons!💜 
  • My Odobird sticker set plans have had to change.🙄While I wanted to do a Kickstarter project I just have not (and will not) have the time to put all of that together. So Kickstarter will have to wait until I am not in thesis crunch time...luckily I have some amazing supporters and someone has stepped up to help me fund a pre-order sort of plan with the stickers!🐣SO THEY WILL BE AVAILABLE SOOOOON!🐣I am working on sticker things THIS week, in fact.