January Wallpaper (#10) - LightPath 00
Hello! Here's January wallpaper for eligible patrons (link ):

a new image of a sunset over Vienna.

The picture was taken a few days ago, on a cold 31st of December ;-)

While the Sun was disappearing, those beautiful colors faded in.... the view is from the main bridge crossing Donauinsle , an island on the Danube. The area is mainly recreational, restaurant, bars, and nice places to take a walk or a run.

The church silhouette is from St. Francis of Assisi church, also known as Mexico Church or Kaiserjubiläumskirche. Unfortunately it was closed at the time, so I couldn't take a look inside.

Looking in the opposite direction there was an equally magnificient view. A glass skyscraper was reflecting the light and colors, blending with the background.

Apart from the colors and contrast, I like the geometry and composition, with that nice slice of Moon peeking through the sky...

Enjoy! :-)


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