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January 2014 Art/Code Night & Global Game Jam Update
As we wrap up our Global Game Jam, I wanted make the event post for our Art/Code Night and do a quick update on goals! Art/Code was standard, but full of work and good conversation (there were less beers drank than characters typed, which might be a first..!). As of that meetup, PIGSquad is on track to receive funding and space for the recently-achieved Ludum Dare jam in April! I'm also very excited to capitalize on the event supplies Patreon goal after having spread business cards and signs across our meet space. Speaking of those goals... we're running out! I'm developing a schedule for producing things like our new t-shirts, prototyping kits, etc. In the meantime, I want to hear from you about what else would best benefit us! I have a list of things to talk about at the next meeting, including purchasing a 3d printer, PIGSquad toys/merch, or an Oculus, so come with a bit of research so that we can talk about making these things happen. Thanks again for your support, and hope to see you soon. You'll hear from me this week regarding an overview of our in-progress Global Game Jam, and backers will be seeing a raffle opportunity this week as well!