January 2015 Bonus Post Nominations
I've updated the Patreon to reflect the current way we're doing things. Here's how it works: as long as we remain over $200 an entry, I'll write something new once a week starting on February 16th. Before then, I'll do the three Sherlock reviews in January, and probably the first Game of Thrones post or two in February prior to the 16th. If we get over $400, I'll write two posts a week, still only charging for one. And then, once a month, I'll do a bonus post. This is where you come in - the bonus post will be on a topic of your choosing. Which brings us to this thread, and how this will work. In comments, please suggest topics for the January bonus post. If you like someone else's suggestion, please reply to second the suggestion. And in a week or so, I'll make a new post listing all the suggestions that got at least one second, probably with some comments about what I might do with a given topic and how enthused I am about it, and open it for a vote. Whatever's most popular, I'll write towards the end of the month. Possible topics are... whatever you want, really. Media you want my opinion of? Current events? A lengthy reflection on charcuterie? I AM YOURS TO COMMAND. (Note that bonus posts are not going to be charged - they'll just be free extras.) Thanks to all of you for your support. I look forward to writing whatever you tell me. (PS: Note that there's now a second reward tier for people pledging $2 or more per entry, where you'll get ebook versions of all future releases for free. If you're already at the $2 threshold, be sure to claim that reward. Otherwise, well, something to consider.)