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Thanks for your support! At the Satellite tier, you'll get:
  • Early access to comic pages for all projects before they are posted publicly (including BACKLASH!)
  • Access to Patreon Polls where you'll get to vote for what  illustrations, bonus chapter content, and side projects I'll be working on next!
Pulsar Platoon
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This is where the Secret, Non-Public and Development work goes!

At this tier you'll get access to all $1 posts AS WELL AS:

  • Access to the monthly sketchbook with everything I've drawn that month
  • Access to Patreon Streams
  • Access to Ship Art >:)c
  • Access to story/character development blog posts
  • Access to .psd/.lip (photoshop/clip studio paint) files of my full-size illustrations and comic pages, if you're a fellow artist or are just interested to see what the files of my work look like!
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Eustal will be your friend.
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