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Thank you so much for the support this month!
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Once a week you will receive an image by an artist, illustrator, printmakers, maker creator that are doing an amazing job and I believe you should know about.
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  • You will gain early access to any interview I do or articles I publish via the built for purpose platform - The Monocle Cat.
  • + All previous rewards.
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  • You will receive updates about the most exciting projects I am working on and interviews I am taking. 
  • + all previous rewards.
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Did I mention that I am also an incredibly talented printmaker? 
  • You will receive an occasional hand made card by me. 
  • + all previous rewards.
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Let's talk about art. Art is weird and it's not easy. If you are an artist it can be incredibly hard breaking into the art market. If you want to buy art for investment - art advisers are a pricey commodity. Luckily for you I specialise in the primary art market and it's my job to help.

  • You will receive access to my phone number and skype username (and my email) and you can call or email (I have auditory dyslexia so maybe email is better :)) so if you have ANY art emergencies. It can be anything - I need help with an internship, to I need help with a comic con costume - feel free to call. 
  • +all previous awards.

This is definitely a steal if you enjoy talking about art.
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I know the art scene well. So well that around 50% that I own has been created by artists who's careers are growing strong and steady and their prices are constantly increasing. How many angel investors can say this about their portfolios?

  • Every 6 months I will commission an emerging artist who I believe will become the next great one to do a limited edition of prints - just for you. (Patron's will receive this reward only if they consistently pledged for at least 4 of the 6 months)
  • + all previous awards
This is an incredible opportunity to support new talent AND to start your own collection. 
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The Art scene is international, so every where I go its still a lot like home. 

  • If we are in the same city, we will meet up for drinks at a private view, or I will take you on a brunch tour around galleries to meet artists and curators. Though I am mostly based in London I will be happy to let you know where Iam off to next so that we can meet up. 
  • + all previous awards (including the print in the previous option!)

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Once a year I will organise a group exhibition, creating a platform for emerging talent to show their work - and this will all be done thanks to you!
  • Your name and/or logo of your choice will appear on all the promotional material for the exhibition.
  • +All previous awards.
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