January 2016 Rewards
January theme: YUNA GUNNER!

Tier 1

  • Access to my feed

Tier 2

  • Yuna A4 print Giveaway
  • Early access to my blog posts

Tier 3

  • Know my next cosplay(s)
  • Photoset preview (Yuna+Tohsaka+various costumes)
  • Hand autographed prints (shipped at your place)

Tier 4

  • Skype text chat
  • WIP-tutorial: Yuna's gradient skirt (PDF by email)
  • Discount code for prints

Tier 5

  • Yuna Fansign
  • Yuna Wallpaper (HD photo by email)
  • Skype group video chat

Tier 6 & 7

  • Skype private video chat
  • Esclusive prints
  • More discount for prints


NOTE:  If you start a pledge (or raise it) during the current month you'll be charged immediately, then billed on the 1st of following month.
Immediate access to: patreon feeds, early access to some of my social network posts, photoset preview+backstage.
Late access (1st february week) to: tutorial, signed prints, fansign, giveaway result, skype chat.

I've to do this because patreon send your pledges to me only after the 1st day of following month (February in this case) and if you delete your pledge during the current month (January), I won't receive it.
Because of unfair people I have to send some rewards after 1st day of next month, in particular physical rewards as signed prints because they cost me money (print and shipping).

Credit PH: cast_cosplayphoto