January 2017 Reward
Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday season :) I've been super busy with family and such stuff (my youngest son is now only 3 months old and I'm full-time caring for him, as well as part-time caring for my older son who is 3 yrs old!)... but I've just about been able to work on this, it's a black/white cover image for a mini comic I'm making for Sweatdrop Studios, featuring our two stars from my Chronicles of Ciel series!

Please look out for the next Patron-only locked post where you can see the whole thing, along with the stages of work in progress for making it.

Higher tier Patrons will get a message from me soon with a full sized high-res finished image, ready to print out and enjoy - note, do not resize down! Either print at final size (A5) or enlarge it, otherwise the screen tone will go funny. It has been optimised for crystal clear and sharp black/white laser printing :)