January 2018: Raven Gravity Rush
 The main theme on Patreon for this month is RAVEN from GRAVITY RUSH and this is the first photo <3

I've previously done a Christmas version for December month and some contents are still available. Now it's time to the full cosplay set!

You have now access to:
- photoset preview (early access for 1 month or more)
- photoset selfies
- fansign - a photo of mw with your name on a piece of paper (I already took the first 2 here)
- unique polaroids (first 4 are here)
- backstage video
- wallpaper (the photo on this post in HD, without text)

In addition:
- access to all previous WIP and fitting test since I started to post about her in January and some contents are stil online.


Then the "classic" rewards:
- Giveaway A5 print
- Signed prints
- Gift box
- Skype chat - group (from 10$) and private video (from 100$)
- Telegram group (info here)
- Know my next projects before anyone else

Irish Gerry