January 2018 - Profane Vault
New year, late start! I fell pretty sick over the new year and that caused no shortage of delays. It took some scrambling, but we're pretty back on track over here, so that means the first encounter of the month is here!

The Profane Vault offers a grab bag of magic items for the party to fumble around with, but without the proper skill checks they won't know what the item does until they activate it. Hopefully no one chooses... poorly.

Opposing the party in this encounter are a group of acolytes who borrow a mechanic from one of 2CGaming's tournament events we ran at Strategicon in Los Angeles last year, the Groupspell. Basically, if one acolyte casts a spell, all they can manage is magic missile. But if two or three of them are all bunched up, they can cast toss out higher level spells like lightning bolt! The players in the tournament very quickly learned not to let them gather.

There's two versions of the map for this one, but the only difference is that the DM map includes starting locations for the acolytes. 

I hope you enjoy reading over the silly magic items here, and that if you run this encounter, your players have a good time (and a good sense of humor)!

The second encounter this month will be released next weekend, and the wheels have been set in motion for an extra reward for all our Patrons at the $5 tier and above to thank you for going above and beyond in supporting us!

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