JANUARY 2018 - drawing log
Hi! Sorry for the delay (hard drive died!) but there's the first log of the year, with pictures posted on January. As always, each picture have it's own ZIP folder! Hope you enjoy~
  • 1 - CM - Akallis Reference: 2x PSD. Sketch, base colors and finished (fullres) image files.
  • 2 - CM - a verry fluffy coil: 3x PSD. Sketch, base colors, finished and retouched (fullres) image files.
  • 3 - CM - red panda: 2x PSD. Sketch and lineart image files + 4 alt backgrounds. (white, black, blue and transparent)
  • 4 - vacations day: 3x PSD. Sketch, base colors, finished and alternate version (different light) in fullres image files.

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Thanks for checking!! - cheers, stay kawaii ♥