January 2019 Commission- EVERYONE IS HERE!

We are starting off 2019 with a bang! Benji has drawn up an AMAZING group picture of the full Spirit Guard!

All the little details on their outfits are perfect and I'm impressed at how well he nailed the... skirt physics? Yeah, I guess that's what they are. They're all wooshy!  Hair physics too! So many physicses!

But this coolest thing about this commissioned art... I'm not the one who commissioned it. This was a surprise gift from very good friend of the site and all around cool guy, Kamizite. You may know him from the glorious authoring he does on Pretty Goddess Mandate and being one of my longest supporters. He did it as a present to me and the community as a whole!

I have to say, what a swell guy! Heap kudos upon this man!

And with that, I'm caught up on the art I had ready to post! Now to get the next ViD finished and posted!