January 2020 Update

Another month, another update!

I've been doing a whole bunch of work on Naev this last month. I've just had a whole bunch of ideas for things that I've wanted to do. Here is a list of all of the pull requests the Naev maintainers have merged in the last month:

Yup, I might have gotten just a little carried away. 😅

Anyhow, here's a summary of the most notable contributions those all entail:

  • Various bugfixes and such. No sense going over all of these really; there were a bunch of them.
  • Re-balanced missiles and made them auto-reload slowly over time. Long story short: missiles, previously a game breaker for AI ships that was useful for players, is now an important tool in almost any ship's well-roundedness.
  • Modified Soromid commodities so that they make more sense and enable cargo missions better.
  • Continued the "Coming Out" campaign by writing two more missions for it: "Coming of Age", and "A Friend's Aid". "Coming of Age" is further setup, while "A Friend's Aid" is an escort mission.
  • Made it so that combat music varies from faction to faction, and fixed the game so that it would always play combat music when it should.
  • Modified the on-screen display so that it shows mission objectives more compactly.
  • Made it unlikely for the same music track to play twice in a row.

I have a whole bunch of other things that I want to do in the next month, too, as well as another pull request that as of this writing has not yet been accepted by the Naev maintainers (though it will likely be accepted soon unless they have an objection to it):


In other news, I've made some tweaks to tiers. Firstly, many tiers have had their minimum contributions reduced; most notably, the "Get Mentioned in Patreon Updates" tier is now $5 instead of $10. Secondly, a new $15 "Request Ideas" tier has been added. Please consider giving the tiers another look! 🙂

In any case, I very much appreciate every dollar I get. To my three backers: thank you. While $7 a month isn't enough to cover my expenses, every bit help and supporting me here helps enable me to spend time on work such as this. If you are not yet a patron, please consider becoming one! Your support can help me keep focusing on this kind of work, rather than having to refocus my attention on some menial low-wage job in retail or fast food. And if you are already a patron, consider spreading the word! Simply sharing this post on social media, for instance, can be a huge help. The more the merrier!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
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