January 21st Update

Hi everyone,

I hope your January is going well and you’re staying warm! The snow’s been biting like a piranha with irritable bowel syndrome here, but that’s neither here nor there at the moment. So this is the progress report for January 21st.

Enclosed are:

An updated Dragon Slayers main text-- still a work in progress, but the changes have been noted in the changelog.

I’ve been fussing with fonts and cover redesigns and I’ll be posting those in a separate post. I’d love to hear your thoughts (good or bad) on them!

The "Lostariel" Cover: http://i.imgur.com/2ApOe9S.jpg

The "Sarah" Cover: http://i.imgur.com/WLX2wCA.jpg

Copies of my keyword research stuff for the Dragon Slayers series. This’ll be useful for marketting.

I'm also working on the website (http://www.tammysilverwolf.com ) and while there isn't much there yet- like at all- it's part of the marketting push and has been getting some attention behind the scenes. I'm setting up pluggins, writing copy in LibreOffice and stuff.

So, for raw numbers I have about 13,000 words written on the Dragon Slayers project which really isn’t ideal and I’m not pleased with it, but I am making progress on the book, and I’ve been blocking in some scenes for Act 3/ending which are not in the main document yet because they need connective bits and I don’t like just dumping a bunch of random scenes in text files and saying ‘here you go!’ Especially when they’re not in any sequence yet.

Chapter 18 is also in progress and I expect to have it finished by tomorrow evening, so I will post that when it’s done for the sake of completeness and then I’ll be racing to get the rest of the scenes put together and get the entire book ready to be edited. . . .that’s going to be tough. But, on the bright side, once this draft is done and the changelog is finalized I’ll have the basis for my structural edit stuff.

The line editing is going to be a bitch. . . .but I managed to talk the girlfriends into giving it a pass for stuff like typos, incoherent stuff and the like.

I think, in the interest of my own sanity and getting stuff done, I’ll probably switch over to Catgirl maid and power through that once the is draft is done. It’ll allow the book to ‘cool’ in my mind and I can come at it with fresh eyes again.

So, I will be back tomorrow evening with the remainder of chapter 18 and we’ll see where we end up. Not ideal, but progress is being made. . . .I need more discipline, and more plowing through things.

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