January 4, 2012 - On This Day I Shot...
...Snow Racer MX, for lack of a better description.   

Can't believe I created this 5 years ago!  My friend Danny Samman and I were both passionate about photography and film, and we'd often go out and do mini projects together.  We had already done quite a few levitation/mid-air photo shoots where we'd jump off a ladder's third step and then photoshop out the ladder to make it look like we were getting mad-air.  This time we brought things a little further and made it look like Danny was doing a superman while hurdling down a snow hill on a GT-Snowracer.

We achieved this effect by having Danny stand on his left foot holding the Snowracer in the air, While I stood on a ledge and photographed him looking down from above.  The background image was taken with an empty foreground, holding my monopod as high as I could while having the camera on top.  

I took the photos and edited it all together in one day, having it uploaded that evening.

You can see Danny's personal work currently with Eyecon Media, a business he co-founded: http://www.eyeconmediainc.com/

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