January 5, 2019

So far all I've done today is sleep in and play a lot of Horizon Zero Dawn. Not doing anything super important just so streams can be filled with super fun stuff and get a little bit farther. The rest of today is super packed so let's get into it!

First thing I'm doing is bleaching my hair. The back of my head is unbleached and is just a darker color than my natural hair color. I'd like it to be purple along with the rest of my hair. It's been annoying me for awhile but bleach is pretty harsh and I've been nervous about my skin.

I'm also going to be making some clips from last nights D&D stream and also update my clips video that I use for my starting soon/be back soon screen on Twitch.

Filming a life update video! It has been a month since my last one on YouTube so it's about time for another one.

Tonight we are having a movie night on Discord! We are continuing to watch A Series of Unfortunate Events!

I'll be contacting patrons about different tier rewards! Look for that if you're expecting to receive a reward.

I'm going to do some dev work on Caster! I'm going to start working on Caster in a new language and see how that goes and if it's better/worse than what I'm doing currently.

I'll be doing my Monthly Kitty Report. Hopefully I can finish it up today as well.

I'll be doing some sewing on some of my clothing that has been getting more and more holes. 

And finally I'll be updating my Twitch game schedule to see if I'm on track for everything and adding some games that are options for me to play soon. This will be updated for everyone to see. A link is up on Discord in the #info channel. There is also a command on Twitch that you can use (!games).

Happy Saturday!

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