January Milestones
This month, the Drift & Ramble Podcast had a couple of important milestones for our show. In January, our audience on Facebook doubled.  This is tremendous to witness as the growth has been primarily through posts to fans of western culture. Many of our new listeners are not traditional podcast listeners so this is a big deal. We're attracting a new audience to a new (new to them) medium. What an honor to be part of that! Thank you to all our new followers and listeners and thanks to all our "early adopters," too. We couldn't have done it without your encouragement and support. If you like our show, please tell a friend about us. 

Another important milestone was that our total downloads topped 10,000 in January and continue to climb! Not bad considering we just started last June. With virtually no advertising , no outside media support from a radio or television tie-in, and nothing more than the support of our listeners, we've hit a good stride. We're averaging about 700 downloads per episode. And we have some great shows in the works for the future. While we hope to continue to grow our audience, it has been  amazing to have people listen to our show and and tell us they love it. As of today, we have received 43 positive reviews on iTunes and Stitcher.